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From caffeinated gum to a variety of caffeinated beverages; medical studies are finding an increase of caffeine overdose cases. Read the full article here:  Caffeine overdose is very real: See…

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5 Weird Facts About Sleep

When your head hits the pillow, and your eyes close at night, your brain ISN’T shutting off. Far from it. There’s a whole lot of fascinating, bizarre — and necessary…

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4 Steps To Fight Sugar Addiction

Sugar is found in almost everything that we eat and drink; unfortunately, sugar has very addictive properties, and too much sugar can cause serious medical and dental complications.  Here is an…

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Great Uses For Orange Peels

  Orange peels are resourceful byproducts that can be used for cleaning, as a pesticide, for cooking, for deodorizers and much more.  Check-out the info-graphic below to discover 14 uses…

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Guide To Improve Your Posture

READ THE FULL POSTURE GUIDE BELOW The key to good posture is constantly training your body to walk, stand and sit without placing unnecessary stress on your bones, muscles and ligaments.  The...