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Are Humans Created to Eat Meat

Although some historians and anthropologists say that man is historically omnivorous, our anatomical equipment ­ teeth, jaws, and digestive system favors a fleshless diet. The American Dietetic Association notes that…

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Dangers of Sugar

We all get cravings for a little sweet sometimes. While nothing might be wrong with that, the question of how much sugar we intake is another issue. Sugar is now…

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Effects of GMO Foods

Corporations that support GMO’s are spending over $20 million to stop the state of Oregon from labeling GMO products – and for good reason. Recent studies have demonstrated that GMO’s…

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Red Meat and Cancer

University of California researchers, speculate that the sugar molecule Neu5Gc found in red meat may cause cancer in humans. N-Glycolylneuraminic acid (Neu5Gc), is a sialic acid that naturally occurs in…