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From caffeinated gum to a variety of caffeinated beverages; medical studies are finding an increase of caffeine overdose cases. Read the full article here:  Caffeine overdose is very real: See…

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Facebook And Unhappiness

Always envious? Got a non-existent social life and struggle to concentrate? All this might be down to Facebook if you believe a study showing those who go a week without…

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Grilled Foods Cause Cancer?

From the late 1990s up until now, the meat industry has come under a lot of scrutiny after for being linked to serious medical conditions and after certain meat products like bacon...

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Great Uses For Orange Peels

  Orange peels are resourceful byproducts that can be used for cleaning, as a pesticide, for cooking, for deodorizers and much more.  Check-out the info-graphic below to discover 14 uses…

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Lead Poisioning

What Is It? Lead is a metal that is poisonous (toxic) when inhaled or eaten. Lead gets into the bloodstream. It is stored in the organs, tissues, bones and teeth….