Stay at Home Parents, Meet Baby First TV

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LO = Little One

Some parents prefer staying home with their little one(s), while others have no choice. Regardless, time at home, although fun, you may still want new things to do with your little one(s). If you watch television with your little one, open your mind, and change the channel to Baby First TV. Baby First TV offers developmental programs perfect for your little one(s), and for you! What makes Baby First TV different from other channels? This channel is specifically created for babies and toddlers, and many shows allow parents to enjoy their time with their little one by being able to be involved in the learning experience. I have a daughter myself, and I enjoy watching this program with her, more than any other television channel.. I always watch the shows that I would like to let my daughter watch to be sure that the show she will be watching is appropriate, as many cartoons now have inappropriate references, exhibiting things from violence, sexism, mischievous behavior, etc. Baby First does not contain these negative references. If you watch Disney Jr, or Nick Jr. enough, and truly pay attention, you will see many examples in many programs. Baby First is truly about teaching and is truly baby friendly – they do not weave adult themes into various narratives like many children channels do now. Every baby is different, so be sure to let your little one explore different shows, although a LO may not like all programs, they will definitely enjoy at least one. My daughter loves Harry the Bunny, Color Crew, Goo-Goo and ABC Galaxy – she is almost six months old. This channel also features great mind stimulating shows late at night, help get your LO to sleep with songs promoting sleep, like Baby First Bedtime. The best part about this channel is unlike many channels that go to a “dark place” once it’s dark, this channel continues showing developmental programs 24/7. So please, turn your channel to Baby First TV, take a break from Disney JR, Nick Jr, or any other program and watch your little one get educated while having fun!


View their shows and and schedule here:


You can also purchase awesome toys that your baby will truly love here:

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If you don’t have this television station on your line up, go to Hulu:

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