Vegan Valley Cheeze: Truly, the Best Vegan Cheese on the Market

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Like many of you, I have been searching high and low for an organic, GMO-free vegan cheese product for quite a while. Personally, I enjoy cooking and creating original meals with 100 percent vegan products; however, I always hit a roadblock when it comes to applying vegan cheese to a dish.  Initially, I created my own vegan cheese, but the process of using a relatively large volume of organic, GMO-free cashews was very expensive.

I almost gave up on searching for a vegan cheese product until I discovered the most amazing brand made by a Tennessee-based company called Vegan Valley (I love the name).  Vegan Valley creates a variety of vegan cheese sauces, or cheeze, as they call it, that taste incredible.  All of their products are plant-based, GMO-free, soy-free, dairy-free, 100 percent vegan and contains no trans fat or preservatives.  In my opinion, they should be a little less humble and identify themselves as the best producers of vegan cheese sauce on the the market.  I feel this way because Vegan Valley does not manufacture its products in a large processing plant; rather, each jar of its vegan cheeze is handmade, packaged and shipped on a per order basis.  The company’s production process guarantees that your purchase is fresh and appealing to the taste buds, which is what I experienced when my cheeze was delivered two days after I ordered it online.  In addition, all of their cheeze products can be frozen.

All of Vegan Valley’s cheeze sauces are made with organic cashews and other ingredients that range from organic garlic, organic onion, organic lemon juice, gluten-free tapioca and other great ingredients.  Currently, Vegan Valley offers four varieties of its cheeze sauce, which includes: Mild “Original” Cheeze Sauce, Nacho Cheeze Sauce, Jalapeno Cheeze Sauce and Alfredo Cheeze Sauce.  Honestly, I love all of their products, for each one provides a unique taste that is mouth-watering and (healthily) addictive.

Vegan Valley products are so amazing that you can add any one of their sauces to a wide variety of simple or complex dishes that range from grill cheeze sandwiches, broccoli-mushroom Alfredo or vegan mac and cheese.  Vegan Valley sauces are also ideal for dipping veggies or chips.  Check out their website for other recipe ideas by clicking here.

The price of Vegan Valley’s 15 oz. cheeze sauce is $9.  This is a reasonable price if you consider that it would cost more than $9 to fill a 15 oz. jar with organic, GMO-free cashews.  In addition, Vegan Valley has altered their packaging from plastic containers to glass jars, which is possibly why they raised their prices to $9 over the past year.  Considering that I have had all four of Vegan Valley’s cheeze sauces, I’ll be happy to dish out $9 for this brand because the freshness and quality of taste is more than worth it.
Visit Vegan Valley today for their products.
For the Mild “Original” Cheeze Sauce I created amazing (pigless) pigs in a blanket with cheeze
For the Nacho Cheeze Sauce I created chik’n and cheeze, and I also used it as a dipping sauce

For the Alfredo Cheeze Sauce I created a garlic mushroom kale and penne pasta bake


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