The Pando: The World’s Oldest Living Organism

by thistinyplanet 0

The Pando aspen clone that is located in Fishlake National Forest, Utah is thought to be 80,000 years old, but some think it could be ten times older. It’s hard to guess the accurate age and long-term research would have had to begin when humans were starting to emigrate out of Africa.

While Pando is not technically the oldest individual tree, this clonal colony of Quaking Aspen is legitimately ancient. At 6,615 tons, it is recorded as the heaviest living organism on the planet. The 106-acre colony is a combination of genetically identical trees, that are known as stems, which are connected by a single root system. Pando is located in the Fishlake National Forest.

The Quaking Aspen root system got its start at least 80,000 years ago.

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