Preparing For The Summer – The 360 Remedy – Plan, Act and Repeat

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Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and Manny Pacquiao are familiar faces who came from very humble beginnings; however, they all worked very hard to overcome adversity and to succeed.


Every year people plan and prepare to have a great summer based upon optimism and a positive outlook on life. Even though this type of thinking should never be discouraged, it is important to exist within the boundaries of reality.

The fundamental elements of progress in our society are planning and action.

For example, my friend, Ronald, moved to America with the clothes on his back and less than $20 in his pocket. He moved from a very unstable and poor country. His first job in America was as a janitor; after 6 months of arriving to work on-time every day and doing his job very well, he was promoted to a full-time floor buffer, which paid him $5 more than his usual $11 an hour salary.

After six more months of being an exceptional employee, Ronald purchased his own buffing machine and was able to secure two small contracts as an entrepreneur, while he continued to work full-time as a janitor.

Plan, Act and Repeat

After a year of working full-time and producing quality work as an entrepreneur, Ronald was recommended for a contract to a local  grocery store that was part of a national grocery store chain. It was then, that my friend quit his full-time job and hired five employees to service his contract and to build, what eventually became, a million-dollar-cleaning-business in less than three years; and he is also a successful real estate investor.

The key to success is planning, ambition, consistency and action. You do not have to be a T.V. celebrity or an athlete to be a millionaire or to be successful, you can start your career as a janitor or as a regular, working employee and still end up financially comfortable or rich.

The key to Ronald’s success was saving his money, having disciplined spending habits and investing wisely.


Citation: This Tiny Planet “Preparing For The Summer – The 360 Remedy – Plan, Act and Repeat”


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