A Hummingbird, Human and Dog Share A Special Connection

by thistinyplanet 0

Ed Gernon Hummingbird

In Whittier, California, Rex who is a rescued feral dog returned the favor and helped his owner, Ed Gernon, nurse an injured and dying hummingbird back to life.  The hummingbird, now affectionately known as Hummer has remained a part of the family and refuses to leave Gernon’s home.  Actually, Hummer has established a special connection with Rex and even refuses to leave his side.  For example, sometimes when Rex eats Hummer bathes in his water bowl.  In addition, everywhere Rex goes Hummer is hovering nearby.

Hummer is a resilient bird, for she was able to survive falling out of a tree and being eaten alive by ants.  The diligent work of Gernon hand-feeding Hummer while she recovered and of Rex providing nurturing support is another demonstration of diverse species working together for a common good.  Surely, if a dog, human and bird can demonstrate civility, so can we.


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