Teen Demonstrates How To Conquer Anorexia With Yoga

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Teen conquers aneroxia with yoga

Maris Degener has been an inspiration to others and to herself since her near death experience. This young lady had been suffering from anorexia since before her preteen years.  As a competitive swimmer, Degener had a strong drive to succeed; however, when she was hospitalized on the brink of death at the age of 13, she decided to tackle her eating disorder head-on and to save herself from self-destruction.

It was around this time that Degener discovered Yoga to battle depression and anxiety, which has subsequently changed her life for the better.  Actually, Degener is a teen entrepreneur with her own personal blog that can be followed here at yogamaris.net.

I fell in love with the way movement felt in my body, the contraction of musculature, the breath circulating through my veins.  – Maris Degener (after discovering yoga).

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