5 Weird Facts About Sleep

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Facts About Sleeping

When your head hits the pillow, and your eyes close at night, your brain ISN’T shutting off. Far from it. There’s a whole lot of fascinating, bizarre — and necessary — craziness going on inside your head and body.


When you go to sleep, your brain is still very active.  Actually, there are many amazing and complicated things going on inside of your brain when you sleep.

5 Facts About Sleep

  1.  Sleep deprived people are more prone to gaining weight.  When someone is deprived of sleep, their appetite regulation hormone, which is called leptin, drops and makes them crave food.
  2. Believe it, or not, some people text, send completed emails, buy items online and more when they sleep.  This condition is called parasomnias.
  3. Sleep is more essential than food for survival.  The average person can live without food for two week; however, 10 days without sleep can lead to death.
  4. Smoke detectors are critical because we can not smell when we sleep.
  5. The World Health Organization claims that sleep disruption can cause cancer.



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