Too Much Iced Tea Is The Cause Of A Man’s Kidney Failure

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Kidney failure

An Arkansas man was discovered to have suffered kidney failure as a result of drinking too much (black) iced tea.  His doctors claimed that the 56-year-old patient suffered from clogged and inflamed kidneys from exposure to a chemical called oxalate, which is found in some teas, nuts, spinach and more.

The patient drank 16 cups of iced tea everyday, which caused him to be weak, lethargic, in pain and nauseated.  The patient is anticipated to be on dialysis for the rest of his life.


I wouldn’t tell people to stop drinking tea,” said Luciano, who was not involved in the research. What the man drank “is a lot of tea. – the patient’s doctor

Read The Full Article Here At: Live Science

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