7 Headache Remedies

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7 Natural and Affordable Headache and Migraine Remedies Headaches are one of the most common medical occurrences in the world. In America 45 million people suffer from reoccurring or chronic headaches. In the U.K., roughly 28 million people suffer from migraines.

Despite the prevalence of this condition, headaches are easily treated. Listed below are 7 affordable and effective methods to naturally treat migraines and headaches. For additional natural remedies visit this site.

1) Inhaling peppermint oil is an effective method to treat tension headaches. Headaches and migraines are mainly a result of poor blood flow to the head. Inhaling peppermint oil has vascular-constricting and vascular-dilating effects. These effects stimulate blood flow.

2) Basil oil can be used as a natural headache treatment that works as a muscle relaxer. Basil is effective for tension headaches. It can be added to foods or used topically, by applying it to the to the temples.

3) Adjusting ones diet can be a simple solution to reducing or preventing headaches. Removing certain foods and ingredients from your diet can provide headache relief – this includes; MSG, tyramine, dairy, chocolate and hot dogs, to name a few.

4) A scalp massage at the base of the skull has been shown to relieve pressure, stimulate blood flow and stop an active headache.

5) Feverfew is an herbal remedy that has been shown to be effective in preventing migraine headaches. An extensive research study in Britain, showed that 70% of people who took Feverfew daily, reported a significant reduction in reoccurring migraines.

6) Incorporating flaxseed oil in your diet can provide headache relief. The effectiveness of flaxseed is contributed to omega-3 fatty acids. This amino acid is known to reduce inflammation.

7) Cayenne pepper is an endorphin stimulant which has functional properties to alleviate active headaches. Cayenne pepper can be diluted in water or added to foods.

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